Spill Hound - Sustainable Oil Absorbent (2x10kg)

Product image 1100% Sustainable oil absorbent 10kg bag - Clean By Nature
Product image 2100% Sustainable oil absorbent 2x10kg bag - Clean By Nature

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Spill Hound is a unique, fully sustainable and recyclable absorbent that cleans up oil spills in seconds. In addition to oil, Spill Hound will absorb hydraulic oil, vegetable oil, diesel, petrol, aviation fuel, biodiesel, heating oil, paraffin, jet fuel, paints and glycols. Spill Hound will save you money. Speed of use, combined with full recyclability, means that Spill Hound is the lowest cost clean-up system available. See Spill Hound in action below.

When used in conjunction with the Spill Hound Recycling Centre, Spill Hound can be recycled and re-used, on average, 20 times depending on the size and nature of the spillage. 

Your company may hold or be seeking accreditation to ISO14001. Or, you may have your own internal policies and targets for waste reduction, sustainability and recycling. Spill Hound can make a positive contribution to all of the above.

The biggest cost component of any manual clean-up operation is labour. Spill Hound works in a fraction of the time taken using conventional clean-up products such as pads and granules. Spill Hound will capture oil in a single application, with no need for additional detergent and drying steps, allowing floors to be immediately opened for traffic.

✓ Cleans up oil spills in seconds
 Cleans without chemicals
✓  No slippery residues left behind
 Floor immediately open for traffic
 All unused material is recycled ready to use again
 Excellent sustainability

Sustainability index 100%

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Material safety data sheet (MSDS)  
 Product information sheet  
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