Spill Hound Acid - Sustainable Acid Neutraliser & Absorbent

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Spill Hound Acid is a high sustainability absorbent neutraliser formulated for fast, effective and safe neutralisation of acid spills. The unique containment system within Spill Hound Acid ensures that no hazardous acid aerosols are generated.
Acid spills require careful treatment in order to make them safe. Some methods involve neutralisation with raw alkaline hydroxides or carbonates but these methods can generate considerable heat and an acid mist which can cause corrosion or be inhaled. Spill Hound Acid is different. When added to an acid spill, Spill Hound Acid forms a protective neutralising blanket on top of the spillage, completely supressing any aerosol mist and acid fumes. The acid is neutralised quietly and effectively, ready for final disposal.

Controlling the fizz
Raw carbonates are effective neutralisers for acid spillages. However, they can generate a hazardous acid mist or aerosol which can exacerbate an already dangerous situation. Spill Hound Acid creates a protective blanket above the spillage, eliminating the possibility of a hazardous aerosol.
 Works on all acids
 No hazardous aerosols
 Easy to use
✓ Safely neutralises acid spills
✓ Simplifies waste disposal

Sustainability index 72%

Essential Support Documents
Material safety data sheet (MSDS)  
 Product information sheet  


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